Who needs it?

Anyone who installs or maintains TCP/IP Ethernet (Internet) connections.

Corporate IT techs, high-speed Internet installers and employees at hotels that offer high-speed Internet.

Technicians who need to troubleshoot TCP/IP Ethernet connections but don't need the extra weight, added expense or the clumsiness and overkill of a laptop.

The Motorola Next Level VDSL edition of the Sniffter is a must-have tool for telephone companies using MNLC's VDSL networking equipment. One VDSL telco projected a 4 month ROI on their Sniffter purchase.

View our March 2004 Case Study (254K PDF) for more information.




Our repeat customers include:

  • Arvig Communications (East Otter Tail Telephone)
  • Benton Cooperative
  • Big Bend Telephone Company
  • ExOp of Missouri
  • Filer Mutual Telephone Company
  • Golden West Telecom. Coop.
  • HickoryTech
  • Horizon Chillicothe Telephone
  • Hutchinson Telecom
  • KM Telecom
  • Long Lines
  • New Ulm Telcom
  • North-Eastern Pennsylvania Telephone
  • Preston Telephone Company
  • Qwest Communications
  • TCT West
  • TDS Telecom
  • Telcom Construction
  • Wood County Telephone


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