What is it?

The Sniffter is a handheld, rechargeable TCP/IP network tester with additional features related to installing high-speed Internet services.

  • Quickly tests and troubleshoots TCP/IP Ethernet networks.
  • Tests networks at multiple locations to isolate problems.
  • Emulates a DHCP server for testing the PC NIC.
  • Identifies whether the problem is with the network or the computer.
  • Checks wiring with built-in cable tester and tone generator.
  • Provides quick, concise information to help the tech do his job.

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It helps pinpoint network line trouble and CPE equipment failure in a very timely manner. It takes minutes now to troubleshoot a DSL problem instead of an 1/2 hour to 1 hour. My conclusion is you have come up with a very nice piece of testing equipment which saves us time and money.

- Customer Service Technician


    Information displayed on the Sniffter's backlit 4x20 LCD display.

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