How does it work with my network?

Although it's powerful and useful straight out of the box, our ability to customize the Sniffter to fit your needs makes it an invaluable tool that techs won't leave in their truck. With a full TCP/IP stack and 115kbps serial port, the Sniffter can talk to almost anything.

For example, we have customized the Sniffter for Next Level's VDSL networking equipment by interfacing to their VDSL Verification Unit (field testing tool) and Etherset (CPE) to display up/downstream rates and SNRs, provide firmware updates and allow for VVU configuration. Additionally, technicians can use the Sniffter to factory reset a Residential Gateway (set-top box) in seconds instead of minutes.


Technicians love it. It enables them to be much more self reliant and efficient.

- Telco Manager


  • The Sniffter connects to the serial port on your existing VVU to display detailed information (up/downstream rates and SNRs, error counts and connection status) when testing a VDSL circuit. This is similar to the interface available on the VVU2 for testing 998 VDSL circuits. (Note that the Sniffter does not currently interface with the VVU2.)

  • The Sniffter connects to ADSL and VDSL Ethersets to display status information on the Etherset itself (firmware version, serial number, MAC, etc.) and the current connection (up/downstream rates, SNRs, error counts, etc.)

  • It can perform a factory reset on a Residential Gateway in under a minute.

  • Additional VVU features include the ability to toggle between "oldafe" and "newafe" modes, and to upgrade VVU firmware in the field (using a network connection to a server that always holds the latest version).

  • It can even use your existing VVU chargers (AC and auto adpaters)! One less piece of equipment in your technician's tool bag.

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